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Free exchange mail service for your pocket pc

Gente, eu não entendo direito não, mas li isso no xda-developers e achei interessante... por via das duvidas, ja me cadastrei e estou aguardando o email deles...

austindkelly escreveu:I run an exchange server and I am welcoming pocketpc users that are in need of an exchange account to activesync with. This service also offers Direct Push for those of you that have have this on your PocketPC. As well as the ability to sync all of your contacts, calander events, and task wirelessly onto your Outlook desktop instantly.

Its totally free and has outlook web access, to sign-up simply point your browser to, enter your desired account information and I will have your account ready within 24hrs. I even provide documentation on how to setup your wizard or other pocketpc device.

If you have/are signing up, it can take up to 24 hours for me to get your account activated. Please make sure to check your junk-mailbox for a confirmation email and then a activation notice! A lot of people are signing up and not activating thier accounts, if you do not activate it with in 3 days it will get deleted, so make sure to check your junk/bulk mail folders so you do not miss the notice of activation which contains your user information.

If you are intrested in other services or want more information, check out

This is something I do in my spare time for fun, so it may take me 24 hours before I get you set up. But being a Wizard/MDA user myself, I have found this to be a great tool.

EDIT: Lots of users have been asking if they can have an alias setup so that it looks like they are sending from thier personal email address (ie gmail, hotmail, yahoo ect..) and the answers is YES! With each account you can have an alias setup so that your recipents see your email address as anything you like!

EDIT: Our community has grown out of control! Well not really, but it has grown so much that I will be moving the server this evening to a new location with better bandwidth!

Obviously all this cost money, and lots of it. I have had a few people donate to the cause which has been a great help. But some users ask me for special features that I normally would not offer to a basic user. Well the solution is simple, if more people donate (even a small ammount) I will be able to upgrade the server with more space and better processing power, and in turn more services will be free for everyone to use.

So if you like the service and feel that you can contribute, please send paypal payments to . If you think you can donate in other ways (I currently looking for a forum site to be set up), please send me an email!
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