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Hi there to all in Brasil. My name is Hrvoje from Croatia and I would kindly beg you if anyone can help me with buying prepaid card of mobile operator and I will pay him for that card and postage...

Please, anyone. I am coming to Brasil for visit and would like to be sure sim card will work on my phone.

I can pay you by PayPal or bitcoin or any other way you would ask.

Operator: Claro.

So I need prepaid number to test with lowest money on it, just to test.
Thank you if there is someone willing to help.

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Hello Hrvoje:

You can check this page here operators available in Brazil

Reminding that operators in Brazil operate on GSM 850/ 900 / 1800MHz

3G 850 / 2100MHz (B5 / B1) and the frequency of 2100MHz (B1) the main.

And 4G 2600 / 1800MHz. (B7 / B3) As the frequency of 2600MHz (B7) the main.

Your device must be unlocked to accept sim card and operators here already has the model "three cut" in nano, micro and mini SIM.

Just present your passport to the clerk shop will offer a specific plan for tourist.

Further details on this page: http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Brazil
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Re: Operator: Claro

Hello Hrvoje.

Don't worry, there is some carrier stores on Guarulhos Airport, you'll find your sim card pretty easy and cheap.

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